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With the proliferation of high-level general purpose programming languages being a dominant trend in the software industry, many developers have taken the endeavor to invent their own in attempts to illustrate their unique visions of how modern software systems can be developed. However, such tasks are usually massive undertakings as the steps involved in developing a custom language runtime tend to be extremely complex, error prone and resource consuming. Consequently, these steps end up becoming a very intimidating part in the process. Although there are candidates of generic runtimes for high-level languages that are available, many of them lack the robustness, efficiency and versatility that can meet the language requirements.

coreVM is a language-agnostic runtime framework. Its design strives to achieve extremely versatile interfaces and modern runtime functionalities, which unfetters language developers from the burden of developing their own. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, developers can focus on the design and development of language features. coreVM strives to provide versatile capabilities that can meet the demands of most high-level programming languages through the following:

The points above together illustrate the core philosophy of the project that coreVM can be a powerful platform for developers to devise modern high-level programming languages. Hopefully, as the project evolves, it will help guide language developers devise novel language designs and implementations that can shape the next generation of computing.

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