Focus Areas

This project is consisted of three focus areas that are in-sync with its development:

Project “Lithium-Ion”

Focuses on achieving the highest performance possible while striving to maintain great architecture designs. Performance and efficiency should be factors taken into consideration at every stage of design and development. Some metrics for measuring performance and efficiency include per-instruction and overall execution time, memory usage, bytecode loading time, etc.

Project “Swiss Army Knife”

Focuses on achieving versatile capabilities and flexibilities to meet the needs of language developers, without compromising on performances. This initiative involves two parts. One is to deliver developers the capabilities through a set of APIs. The other one involves supporting the former, by striving for great architectures internally to keep components flexible and extensible.

Project “Air Force One”

Focuses on improving the security and robustness of the system, without sacrificing the previous two points. The system should be designed and implemented to be able to handle a wide range of error conditions gracefully. In addition, the system needs to be able to protect and sandbox the runtime from external malicious exploits. Last, establish a robust infrastructure for users to report vulnerabilities, as well as being informed of these vulnerabilities and the corresponding patches. Finally, adjust the development cycle of the project to accomodate iterating on patching security vulnerabilities.